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Microsoft Management Consoles DeMystified



Video Runtime:10 minutes

Video Summary:

Microsoft Management Consoles (MMC) are used to quickly and easily configure your systems. But if you have Junior Administrators, you may not want them to have access to all of the available tools. This is where a custom MMC comes into place.

Frame Relay and MPLS

Have you ever wondered how to use the WAN as if you where connected to the same Layer 2 fabric? Well this video explains how to use MPLS as a Layer 2 transport for Frame Relay. If you see Frame Relay in todays networks this is how it is working.

You can contact Terry at:

Creating Hub Transport Rules in Exchange 2010




Video Runtime: 5 minutes
Video Summary:

Spam is a pain to deal with. All of these ads for products or phishing attacks take time to clean. With Hub Transport Rules, you can automate the process.

Ports: A starting point




Have you ever wondered how to use the WAN as if you where connected to the same Layer 2 fabric? Well this video explains how to use MPLS as a Layer 2 transport for Ethernet. No matter what you call it "AToM" or "EoMPLS" the concept is still very cool! 

To Log Off, or just try again?

You can't access a file. You call the helpdesk. They make an adjustment. They have you log off, log in, and all is fixed... but... when do you *really* need to log off, and log on? Mike Vasquez, StormWind Senior Technical Instructor, helps demystify the situation for you!

Testing Autodiscovery Connectivity for Exchange

Video Runtime: 9 minutes

Windows To Go Rocks!

Imagine a world where you can put your computer on a flash drive and carry it with you. When you need to use it, you plug the drive into a machine, boot it, and you are up and running Windows 8 Enterprise. But this isn’t just a generic "lite" version. We are talking the real OS. All the apps you have installed, all your data, everything, right there.

Don't Trust Your Servers to just Anyone...Even Microsoft

Windows Update is a wonderful thing. Millions of lines of code for the Operating System as well as applications is BOUND to have some bugs. But what if the cure is worse than the illness?



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