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This Social Engineering Hack Will Leave You Speechless

So many transactions with vendors happen this way.

You go back and forth, discussing terms, checking your
budget, and most importantly, reaching a close. Once the deal is
done and payment is due, things start to get fishy.

How Hackers Stole $17MM From Businesses

How was one hacker group able to access 50 banks, 5 payment systems,
and 16 retail companies, stealing $17MM in the last six months?

The New Cybersecurity Crackdown

With intentions on protecting the public from the constant
threat of private data breaches, lawmakers are proposing
several new measures to proactively defend personal data,
and bring consequence to guilty parties. Cybersecurity is
front page news with seemingly no one feeling the consequences,
except for those that are violated.

Cisco's Prediction For Networking In 2015

2015 is here, no arguing that. If the year ahead reflects the myriad of changes to the networking industry seen just in
Q4 of 2014, then we are in for a wild ride. See what Cisco believes is going to guide all of our progression this year.

Here's What Cisco Revealed at CES 2015

Cisco had a plan.

With the wide array of technologies being displayed at CES this year,
they took the relationship angle and released some interesting partnerships.
Clearly, cloud data and TV infilration were their goals, and hitting these new
releases at CES that these are not just for the hype, but signal the future of

The 2015 Cybersecurity Skill Shortage

One would think that companies big and small, government agencies, and everyone in between would understand that
cybersecurity is dominating tech news. After large data breaches in 2014 victimizing Sony, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase,
and more, technicians should be flocking towards security training. As a matter of fact, the amount of qualified security-certified

How StormWind Is Fighting Hunger

This is how we are fighting hunger.

In the United States, 1 out of every 6 people struggles with hunger. This holiday season, we decided to do something
about it.

The Most Horrific Cyber Attacks Of 2014

If your company is on this list….we’re sorry.

There were quite a few serious security breaches that hit the headlines in 2014. This number had system engineers
and IT admins stunned at how threatening hackers have become. Both individuals and organizations were targeted
last year as cyber attacks grew more and more sophisticated, requiring engineers to stay up to date with current technologies.

DHCP Split-Scope Windows 2012 R2


Video Runtime: 13 minutes

Video Summary:

DHCP Split Scope provides a level of fault tolerance. Windows Server 2012 R2 makes the process of creating the split-scope easy. Senior Technical Instructor Doug Bassett shows you how to configure the split and also discusses some of the tricks and traps associated.

DNS Application Directory Partitions

Video Runtime: 6 minutes
Video Summary:

Active Directory Integrated DNS zones can replicate to a specic scope. In this video Doug Bassett shows you how to configure a DNS Active Directory Partition so you can target specific servers with laser-like accuracty, enhancing security and conserving precious bandwidth.


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