August 24, 20203

How to Investigate Relevant Certifications for You

Author: Dan Young, CCIE, PMP and VP of Operations at StormWind Pursuing any certification is good for you, personally and professionally. It gets you energized, reengaged, and arms you with a measure of knowledge. However, you likely want to get the most out of your effort, because your time is precious. And not getting a good return on your investmentRead More
July 10, 20202

Certifications as a Tool for Your Team

Author: Dan Young, CCIE, PMP and VP of Operations at StormWind Managers spend a good deal of their time looking for methods to motivate and optimize their team. IT managers can accomplish both goals by offering certification pathways to their teams. There are certainly pros and cons of IT certifications. You certainly are already aware of issues such as “paperRead More
July 1, 2020Like

Certifications for IT Managers – Yes, it Still Makes Sense to Get Certified

Author: Dan Young, CCIE, PMP and VP of Operations at StormWind If you’re like me, a lot of what jump-started your IT career were certifications. I got my first job because I had my A+, MCSE NT 4.0, and N+. To develop my career, I pursued Cisco certs, including CCIE, which established me further. But what do you do whenRead More
June 3, 20201

Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials Playlist Now Available on YouTube

Have you ever needed to YouTube a quick fix for something around the house and you end up getting a 15 minute video that spends 14 minutes on the history of screwdrivers and 1 minute on the actual fix you needed? This is what we hope to accomplish with our Succinct Held Online Remote Training Sessions or SHORTS. Why doRead More
March 18, 2020Like

Threats to IT Triggered by Coronavirus

COVID-19, AKA “coronavirus” just become the first pandemic in my lifetime. There are many people that will be negatively impacted by the social restrictions, economic impact or worse still, themselves or someone they know gets illness. As an IT person and one who is naturally risk averse, my concern goes to what risks this virus will have on IT organizations.Read More

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